Robosaurus Rex (michaeltron) wrote,
Robosaurus Rex

Ride upon my power...


I am a salty seadog. I have been out to sea 5 arduous weeks.

The first week, I was the underway ELT. It was shitty. Super shitty even. I was disqualified primary chemist twice in less than one week for my wicked ways. This is awesome but painful.

Then the mighty warship goes underway for a month, in which I get two nights out in beauteous Port Canaveral, FL. I got shitty and spent lots of money. Hooray for boobies. I was stuck in the watchstation known as Engine Room Forward. It was slackass and numbing to the mind. My gaze spent many hours locked in on the time-indicating gauge. My feet rotted; my skin paled; my wounds refused to heal.

I dream of freedom. The world will not be ready.
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