Robosaurus Rex (michaeltron) wrote,
Robosaurus Rex

Still angry...

but not nearly so much as I was now that I'm on leave. I'll be in Las Vegas for not quite two weeks for what was going to be my wedding leave. Not so much now. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister (haven't seen her in about three years) and some old friends (haven't seen them in six years).

Kinda interesting that all of this eminent domain bullshit is happening right where I live. The government fucks us in the ass again! This base is on the list for possible closure, and a lot of newspapers across the country seem to be using that fact to justify the Supreme Court's decision. "The New London area is a dump! Now they're closing the base! The government is doing you a favor by kicking you out of your homes only to sell the property to private enterprises! We're boosting economic growth! You'll see!" I guarantee that if they close this base, the government will not not be in any hurry to sell that land to "boost the local economy". Most or all of it will sit here and decay for decades.
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